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STETZ- Songs of Experience LP (Russo Syndicate Records, USA, 1986)

How much I loved this LP when it came out – and I still know every song by heart, even though I don’t spin it as often as I used to!
Too bad STETZ never released anything else beside this, apart from songs on three LP comps («Hardcore Takes Over», «One big Crowd» and “New Jersey’s got it”) as well as a demo tape from 1984, which sounds considerably more Hardcore than the album.
It’s a shame that this LP was never repressed, not on vinyl nor on CD!

And that’s what makes “Songs of Experience” so damn great – its diversity. It has everything, from kinda grim Hardcore (“Suburban Nightmare” and some more moments on the hardcore-y a-side), to the prevalent catchy, quirky, funny, funky, play- and joyful and poppy sounds of your New Jersey College Punkers, telling you stories of beach parties, money miss-spent on tattoos, bondage, the ahs and ohs of love and whatnot. At first, I hardly ever played the calmer b-side (“side Bodacious”), but over the years I learned to appreciate it just as much as “side Aristophanes”.

On this day 11 years ago, on September 11 2001, STETZ’ drummer Wayne Russo was killed in the barbaric attack on the World Trade Center in NYC. «He was a sweetheart of a man. Very goofy, the type to quote Monty Python», Bruce Wingate (formerly of ADRENALIN O.D. etc.) remembers him.
This is a tribute to Wayne, one of the approximately three thousand victims who died on nine-eleven.

Download the entire «Songs of Experience» LP here (.zip archive; hold your mouse button and choose “save as”).