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HERESY- Split LP with Reevsy singing (Toy’s Factory, Japan, 1990)

Not too long before HERESY embarked for their first Euro tour in 1986 (together with Concrete Sox – more here), they recorded 6 songs with their original guitarist & singer Reevsy (who also can be heard on the «Never Healed»Flexi). As you know, Reevsy was replaced by John on vocal duty on the tour and then became the permanent singer – and, quite frankly, ruined the band. Some people just have no singing voice and unfortunately, John not only couldn’t sing, he also tried to sound like that guy from Youth Of Today. A worse combination can hardly be thought of.

So before releasing the HERESY / CONCRETE SOX split LP, HERESY decided to re-recorded the vocals and the original version went straight to the vault.
A rather bad sounding cassette dub of a rough mix with Reevsy singing was circulating for many years. In 1990, this by now collectible CD for the first time issued the original version of the split LP songs (among the regular version and «Never Healed»), with Reevsy on vocals.
To my knowledge, it has never been re-released (correct me if I’m wrong), which would be a major mistake, as alongside the debut Flexi, these songs are the strongest moment of the recorded history of HERESY.

Visions of Fear.mp3
In Silence.mp3


Note: Files taken down.