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NIKOTEENS- 1st 7″EP (selfproduced, Germany, 1981)

Formed in 1979, Germany’s NIKOTEENS released this 7″ on their own. The songs were originally intended to be included on the now legendary «Soundtracks zum Untergang» compilation album, but got rejected by label owner Karl Walterbach (who founded “Noise Rerords” out of the ashes of “Aggressive Rockproduktionen”, when Metal was the new thing and Punk in a general decline in 1983). Reason for the downturn was the song «Bomben über Russland» («Bombs over Russia»).

In 1983, the NIKOTEENS released «Aleah-Oehh», an LP with 19 songs. Unfortunately, the LP contains a number of pretty miserable “fun songs”. If only it had been edited a bit more carefully and the tracklist reduced to the thrash-songs. The following LP from 1986, «Hardcore Holocaust», suffered more or less the same bad editing, again showing great potential, but at the same time ruining it with some really shitty tracks and terrible lyrics.

So what you really have to look up on the internet, are the two tapes they released in between the albums: The legendary «Skateboard Tape» and a live in the rehearsal room recording, called «Hopfenland Tape» (you can easily google them up). Especially the first one is a scorcher and easily among the very fastest bands of the time (1984), with superb vocals, a great rough production and ripping songs.

500 copies were made of this (it was re-released a few years ago, with three bonus tracks – the three fastest songs off the first LP). I could have done without the “Kufsteinlied” and the lyrics …. well.
If this is your first introduction to the NIKOTEENS, do yourself a favor and see what else you can find by them!

Thanks to Tomasso for contribution!

The End.mp3
Bomben über Russland.mp3
Die Mauer.mp3
Kamikaze Heroe.mp3


PS 1: Looks like the label was supposed to be called “Kein Zurück Label”, as that’s what the hand-stamped innersleeve says.

PS 2: This is one of the greatest songs from the first LP (and not from the EP, as the description says):