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out now: FEAR OF GOD- s/t 7″EP Picture Disc (FOAD Records, Italy, 2012)

Out now:
A very limited edition Picture Disc version of my old band FEAR OF GOD‘s debut EP from 1988.
Superb and quite luxurious gatefold die-cut sleeve, heavy (!) vinyl and sticker insert. Sound carefully reproduced using the original mastertape. Only 300 copies were made. This will not be repressed in this form, so better get yours quickly.

Follow this link to place your order and read more about this EP and some background on its production and the early days of FEAR OF GOD.

PS: What you see in the picture is the sold-out “Die-Hard-Edition” with two extra inserts and a t-shirt.


  1. warfare

    can’t wait to get one! do you have a special edition left??


    Posted on 23-Jul-12 at 22:24 | Permalink
  2. che gayvera

    shit band. post something good, it’s been a while!


    Posted on 25-Jul-12 at 08:17 | Permalink
  3. Sgt D

    I don’t give a shit about that exciting new band you’re trying to sell. I never cared enough to even download one kilobite of the promo crap you’re offering me. Your bands all stink, they’re all crap and they won’t get nowhere anyway, especially not with stupid wankers like you promoting them. When a band has won a contest or gets rave reviews, that means the band sucks shit. Nobody cares whether or not the singer is a best selling author, the bassist used to be in some other loser band or the drummer is a renowned painter. No, you will not re-invent guitar music and neither will be heard of you in the near future.
    Go fuck yourselves, you stupid cunts.

    I don’t want to recveive any other “special offer” or “pre-listening” horseshit. It all goes straight to the electronic trash can anyway, so save a tree or a frog or something by taking my name off your stinking mailing lists. Now.

    Did you fucking get that?


    Admin Reply:



    Posted on 31-Jul-12 at 02:33 | Permalink
  4. stinky82

    I traded F.O.G. tape on Maimed by Tapes (or so) back in the days and I´ve had a really smilling time listening that “beating the carpet instead of drums”. I think I´ve never heard entire tape. It´s boring. Only F.O.G. recording I really liked is split LP w/DeathNoise (´87 rehearsal?).


    Posted on 12-Aug-12 at 19:59 | Permalink
  5. Okay I picked up a copy of the 7″, which I didn’t get the first time round in the late 80’s…now I’m ready for your next post.


    Posted on 21-Aug-12 at 22:04 | Permalink
  6. Nuclearpowergrind

    Hey Erich, this is out of context but do you have by any means the TASTE OF FEAR 1991 demo ?? I’ve been searching that one for a long time !!! Also wanna thank you for giving the world FEAR OF GOD !!! All respectand grinding cheers from Quebec man !!!!


    Posted on 08-Sep-12 at 05:02 | Permalink
  7. Hi Erich, long time isn`t it? Hope you are well. Just to let you know I updated the site and made that 2003 Fear of God interview available in english too!

    All the best – Marcelo


    Posted on 03-Apr-14 at 17:17 | Permalink

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