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RHYTHM PIGS- An american Activitiy 7″EP (Unclean Records, USA, 1984)

A stunner, a real stunner of an EP. 6 short songs, each one full with great melodies and rhythm, a lot of RHYTHM. Playing this now, 28 years after its release, makes you wonder why there were so few bands with such a fresh sound and lyrics that may cover the usual subjects of the time, but without ever being of the generic sort (especially on the later three LPs).
Where else but from Texas could such a band come – and where else would they later move than to San Francisco, like so many of the contemporaries.

The LPs that followed (I think after relocating to SF) show the kind of progression you can expect from such a group. Creativity in songwriting, the development of a truly unique sound and a certain routine too. They kinda lost me on the first album already, I must admit, which doesn’t say much about the RHYTHM PIGS music, but of my sometimes a bit simple preferences. I love the hard edge and the playfulness that comes so naturally that on this EP.

I can fly.mp3
Get it now.mp3
Military Fairy.mp3
Radio Silence.mp3
The Quest.mp3