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Dear promoters

ridemybackNot one day passes without one of your boring emails.

I don’t give a shit about that exciting new band you’re trying to sell. I never cared enough to even download one kilobite of the promo crap you’re offering me. Your bands all stink, they’re all crap and they won’t get nowhere anyway, especially not with stupid wankers like you promoting them. When a band has won a contest or gets rave reviews, that means the band sucks shit. Nobody cares whether or not the singer is a best selling author, the bassist used to be in some other loser band or the drummer is a renowned painter. No, you will not re-invent guitar music and neither will be heard of you in the near future.
Go fuck yourselves, you stupid cunts.

I don’t want to recveive any other “special offer” or “pre-listening” horseshit. It all goes straight to the electronic trash can anyway, so save a tree or a frog or something by taking my name off your stinking mailing lists. Now.

Did you fucking get that?

(First posted on Sept. 1 2009. It’s time for a repost.)