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FRONT LINE- Basic Training 7″EP (Beach Impediment Records, USA, 2012)

You may have heard FRONT LINE on the glorious 2nd installment of MASTER TAPE (find the quintessential volume one here) – and you know that this band overshadowed the other (very good) bands in terms ofspeed and punch by miles.
Finally, the complete 1982 10-song demo (from which the comp tracks were taken) has been released. And it fucking rules. Simple as that. When Hardcore was a force like music had seen none before. And lyrics like these to boot:

«Spit, fight, curse, kick
Busted bottles, flyling bricks
Spurs, leather, boots, chains
Broken bones, friends in pain

Aggression is a part of me
A cure for life’s monotony». (from «The red Hour»)


Apparantly only 300 were made of this, so order your copy today!
Comes with lyric sheet, sticker and a digital download (from which I took these three songs). You can order it from Grave Mistake or other distributors.

Having Fun.mp3
Black Eye.mp3
The red Hour.mp3