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Record Store Day 2012


A true vinyl-junkie’s way of taking part in it: Bringing your favorite dealer some gingerbread.


  1. the pope

    Can you start posting records again soon? You’ve only posted 7 recordings since December. I’ve donated in the past, I don’t think I can again this year…


    Dewey Decimal Reply:

    ^^needs the money to buy candy for altar boys^^


    Posted on 29-Apr-12 at 18:32 | Permalink
  2. howardx

    please post only good records, not those shit ones i dont like or already have, the tiny honorarium i was considering for you is at stake. this isnt a threat though…


    Posted on 03-May-12 at 23:55 | Permalink
  3. Cochino

    Erich and anyone else reading this, you have to hear this:

    It’s exactly the kinda thing I’d download from here. Brilliant stuff.


    Posted on 18-May-12 at 07:04 | Permalink
  4. seen alot of stupid commenting recently C; but this 1 sir is top attitude ! like it :cheers:


    Posted on 19-Jul-12 at 14:23 | Permalink

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