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PUSRAD- Smart Trams 7″ EP (Just4Fun, USA, 2012)

Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and only 7 of them. This way, it never gets boring. Well, it wouldn’t get boring if it were a double album. But don’t tell them.
PUSRAD is from Sweden and consists of Peter and Packe, formerly of Raped Teenagers.

Peter wanted me to post all the songs, but I’m only posting every second title, cause I wanna see you guys lust & suffer.

Smart Trams.mp3
Allians för Sverige.mp3
Do Re Mi.mp3

300 made (150 on yellow). Will not be repressed in this form, as Peter says. Order the 7″ here. NOW!