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THE OBSESSED- Instrumental 7″ (Doom Records, USA, 1996)

The little I know about this pretty obscure THE OBSESSED 7″ comes from various not too trustworthy internet sources: Apparently the two instrumentals featured here were recorded in the 80s. Where they originate from and why they have no vocals, I can’t say. To me, they really do sound like instrumentals, not like unfinished recordings, especially the a-side. But who knows.
This bootleg seems to be coming from the notorious Doom Records label that popularized Pagan Altar, Pentagram, Obsessed and other bands in the 80s & 90s, yet never payed any royalties to artists. I guess that’s what “bootleg label” means.

Still: This is a great little single and even though one would wish that Robert Scott “Wino” Weinrich (who later joined St. Vitus) would sing here too, both songs live from the great, heavy and dirty sound. Unfortunately, my copy plays with quite a bit of background noise, but what can you do.
This never came with a picture sleeve and it bears no information other than the pencil writing on the label and what the tail-out grooves say. The a-side matrix has the following etching: “160080. The Obsessed (Project”) and the b-side reads: “160081. Wino & Company”. Allegedly, 200 copies were printed and available through mailorder only.