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Monthly Archives: February 2012

German Television, ACTA and Goodbadmusic


German television reporting about protests against ACTA (the anti-piracy act that threatens the free and open web). From 3:12 on, you see somebody browsing goodbadmusic (starting with Pusrad) and eventually downloading Infest’s Slave Mini-LP (which – ironically and as you all know – was released on my own label).

PUSRAD- Smart Trams 7″ EP (Just4Fun, USA, 2012)


Perfection. Sort, sharp, to the point. Clever, full of energy, sounding like the best and yet like no one else. I’m sorry, but there’s nothing more that I could say. This yellow piece of plastic has so much energy, it makes me breathless. Thus the concept of “Smart Trams” is perfect: Short songs – and […]

V/A NEW ELECTRIC WARRIORS- Compilation LP (Logo Records, UK, 1980)


A premiere on Goodbadmusic: A guest contribution! Akshay Ganesh describes himself as “a music fiend and a grumpy New Yorker”. I can absolutely confirm the first and maybe he just had a good day when we met in Devember of 2010, as he was anything but grumpy. We decided to meet in front of the […]

THE OBSESSED- Instrumental 7″ (Doom Records, USA, 1996)


The little I know about this pretty obscure THE OBSESSED 7″ comes from various not too trustworthy internet sources: Apparently the two instrumentals featured here were recorded in the 80s. Where they originate from and why they have no vocals, I can’t say. To me, they really do sound like instrumentals, not like unfinished recordings, […]