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SEWER ZOMBIES- Conquer the Galaxy LP (Subversive Records, USA, 1987)

I’ve been meaning to post the 2nd SEWER ZOMBIES for a while now (I’ve had two songs off the first one up here once).

Bizarre. This is just bizarre. I really don’t know what to say. If there were no Hardcore-context given, what would you make of this? I’m not even sure I like it. When I reviewed it in 1987, I didn’t like it. Do I like it now? Maybe the question is too naive. It’s not about liking SEWER ZOMBIES. They were just a fact and they sure didn’t bother themselves with this question too much. Just take the grandiose Go-Go’s cover “Capture the Light” – it leaves you in awe. What the hell were they thinking? Or the 1 minute instant classic “Heavee Metal”: It’s most definitely not a love song. Does “In the Hall of the Martian King” somehow refer to King Crimson or Hawkwind or both maybe? “For a few Records more” (consisting of three parts) is the epic highlight of the album: If this doesn’t freak you out then hats off, you’re made of stone.

I think it’s time to re-rip and post the first LP in full. It’s very different from “Conquer the Galaxy”: Very noisy and guitary. Or in other words: Where the first one is a fine example for fuckshitupism, this one here is whatthefuckism.

Download “Conquer the Galaxy” in full here (.zip file). Take 30 minutes of your precious time and play it through before trying to answer the question whether or not you like it.