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ANGST- s/t 12″EP (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1983)

ANGST were formed in Colorado in 1978, moved to London in 1979 and relocated to San Francisco in 1980. In 1983 they released their debut, this selftitled 12″, which was followed by four albums, all on SST (also, in 1985 this EP was rereleased by SST). The first one, “Lite Life” and especially the 2nd “Mending Wall” are quite typical musician-records, meaning, LPs that gained a lot of attention and admiration among musicians (i.e. PIXIES or me, haha) rather than from your average music listener. Fuck the average listener.

Now I would love to hear some more stuff from ANGST’s early days, like the song on the legendary “All quiet on the Western Front” compilation. This EP here is a bit more polished and still way quirkier than the later stuff. 7 songs, highly diverse, well played, original and full of power and freshness! “Neil Armstrong” is an instant hit and what follows is no less, with especially the B-Side displaying an astounding quality in songwriting.
The original pressing (which should be quite easy to find) comes in a beautiful silkscreened cover, spiced up with a great poster-/lyricsheet and a postcard with the same motive. I would suggest buying all (further) ANGST material on SST records (if still available; haven’t checked availability myself).

“Does Nancy perform acts of oral copulation?” – I’m sure she did! Question is: Was Ronnie a muffdiver?

Neil Armstrong.mp3
Die fighting.mp3
Dummy up.mp3
We only rot.mp3
Another Day.mp3


  1. Tim

    Another one I’d never heard before. Digging “Pig” bunches. Sooie!


    Posted on 09-Nov-11 at 19:32 | Permalink
  2. Adamski

    I was always put off because of that SST connection & the amount of absolute crap they shat out, but I’ll give this a go, definitely.


    Posted on 09-Nov-11 at 21:07 | Permalink
  3. William

    Is this band connected with Jello Biafra?


    Posted on 09-Nov-11 at 23:59 | Permalink
  4. d.

    Three cheers for … early days art-punk Angst (rocking days were cool too), awesome Carducci’s SST (gold nuggets to be found even after him, in the latter days of headless record super production) and metalhead Swiss Ripper … this post. Hooray!!!


    Posted on 10-Nov-11 at 03:30 | Permalink
  5. d.

    60+ comments for Breakouts and barely 5 for Angst. Oh. Fine with me. I haven’t listened to ‘Mending Wall’ in ages but re-visited ‘Lite Life’ & ‘Mystery Spot’ quite recently. Pleasant dry sounding pop-rock with just enough drive to keep me involved. Nothing breath-taking about them. Anyhow, nowadays I’ve got less time for Hüsker Dü (or Pixies … actually, I do not have time for them) and more time for Angst. Angst records have been out of print … since the very first pressing, I guess. From the pressing plant to cut-out bins. Decent vinyl rips are hard to find on internet too. It seems I am soft-core GBMfBBT! follower. Hello cruel world!

    PS. Really Red ‘Teaching You the Fear’ LP rules Texas, USA and the World.


    Posted on 11-Nov-11 at 10:23 | Permalink
  6. chris_c

    Thanks, will check this out. Regarding Nancy and “oral copulation”, I did hear years ago that she was famed around Hollywood for her dick sucking skills before she took up with Ronnie. This could be an idle bit of gossip, but I prefer to believe it.


    Admin Reply:

    Now that’s the kind of gossip I wanna see here! Thanks much!


    howardx Reply:

    heard the same thing myself, found this

    “According to Kitty Kelley’s biography, the future first lady “was renowned in Hollywood for performing oral sex.” Back when she was Nancy Davis, the actress reportedly went down on many an actor “not only in the evening but in offices. That was one of the reasons that she was very popular on the MGM lot.”


    Posted on 11-Nov-11 at 10:50 | Permalink
  7. john glenn

    this is fuckin great!!! hard to believe this should stay out of print. amazing quality rips!


    Posted on 11-Nov-11 at 18:44 | Permalink
  8. My clit is huge

    After your post I brought home my own copy from a friends basement. Neil Armstrong is an instant classic. Back in the days I had a hard time appreciating the other tracks not so now. Thanks for bringing Angst back to life.


    Posted on 12-Nov-11 at 22:37 | Permalink
  9. Tim

    Was at Reckless Records in Chicago a couple months back, and they had Lite Life, Mending Wall and Mystery Spot, each for $2.00. Hadn’t heard anything besides the first track on Mending Wall before that, but all three blew me away. This rules too, I would love to find a copy of it.


    Posted on 30-Nov-11 at 00:35 | Permalink
  10. e normous

    so do you like the Pixies, then?


    Admin Reply:

    Good kissing music.


    Posted on 12-Dec-11 at 12:16 | Permalink
  11. Evil Ed 2:Ed By Dawn

    I bought this on cassette tape (it had a blue cover) in 1998 at a used record shop. I chose it based solely on the artwork… that’s how I shopped for records back then, I nabbed the ones that looked cool. In some cases this did not work out so well, but with ANGST and many others, I found that you can actually judge a book by it’s cover… er, a record. I am very excited to see this rip posted for download. ANGST never released anything on CD (as far as I know) so it’s nice to have a digital copy so I can bring it to work and blast it at my co-workers. Thanks for that!


    Posted on 02-Mar-12 at 18:06 | Permalink
  12. Marsha Bronson

    Yes! It’s true! Nancy was quite spectacular, performing on the casting couch! It was a shotgun wedding when she married Ronnie!


    Posted on 11-May-13 at 20:17 | Permalink

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