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ANGST- s/t 12″EP (Happy Squid Records, USA, 1983)

ANGST were formed in Colorado in 1978, moved to London in 1979 and relocated to San Francisco in 1980. In 1983 they released their debut, this selftitled 12″, which was followed by four albums, all on SST (also, in 1985 this EP was rereleased by SST). The first one, “Lite Life” and especially the 2nd “Mending Wall” are quite typical musician-records, meaning, LPs that gained a lot of attention and admiration among musicians (i.e. PIXIES or me, haha) rather than from your average music listener. Fuck the average listener.

Now I would love to hear some more stuff from ANGST’s early days, like the song on the legendary “All quiet on the Western Front” compilation. This EP here is a bit more polished and still way quirkier than the later stuff. 7 songs, highly diverse, well played, original and full of power and freshness! “Neil Armstrong” is an instant hit and what follows is no less, with especially the B-Side displaying an astounding quality in songwriting.
The original pressing (which should be quite easy to find) comes in a beautiful silkscreened cover, spiced up with a great poster-/lyricsheet and a postcard with the same motive. I would suggest buying all (further) ANGST material on SST records (if still available; haven’t checked availability myself).

“Does Nancy perform acts of oral copulation?” – I’m sure she did! Question is: Was Ronnie a muffdiver?

Neil Armstrong.mp3
Die fighting.mp3
Dummy up.mp3
We only rot.mp3
Another Day.mp3