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BREAKOUTS- No more 12″EP (Accelerator Records, USA, 1983)

This is the first in a series of reposts. Over the next couple of weeks, I will loosely intersperse highlights from the past years. With 666 posts, Goodbadmusic has become a bit confusing and especially older posts never got the attention the bands deserve. Remember to legally purchase whatever you have downloaded and like. See it as support or as an act of appreciation.

The BREAKOUTS’ third and final release is still extremely underappreciated. A shame. Power, urgency, intelligence, originality and a great overall sense of seriousness and depth makes this one of 1983 essentials.

Why this has never been re-released, I don’t know. One of the best Hardcore Punk records ever released. Period. Find the BREAKOUTS first 7″ here and the 2nd 7″ here. Ripped with love. Forget all the other shit ass quality rips on crap blogs all over. Enjoy fuckers.

Download the complete EP here. [Originally posted on September 2008]


  1. Martin

    Shut the flack up Staffan. Your name is ugly and you’re ignorant.


    Posted on 04-Oct-08 at 14:32 | Permalink
  2. This discussion is the greatest ever! Please continue as I really want to know who’s the greatest scumbag ever and who paid what for which record.
    Keep on keeping on!

    Oh yeah, it wasn’t my comment above, I love the fights and the action…


    Posted on 14-Oct-08 at 03:21 | Permalink
  3. Great one! I saw them open up for Sado Nation the 1st time I went up to San Francisco. I don’t think I have pulled it out in 20 years. I do have 2 copies though.


    Posted on 14-Oct-08 at 20:20 | Permalink
  4. readgeorgesbataille



    Posted on 21-Oct-08 at 17:46 | Permalink
  5. dewey.decimal

    I love this record. A masterpiece in my humble opinion.


    Posted on 04-Nov-08 at 19:19 | Permalink

    I can really relate to this record a lot-especially ‘Trouble’ & ‘That Don’t Apply To Me’


    Posted on 29-May-11 at 09:30 | Permalink
  7. Tim

    Great choice for repost! There is a very-well-done boot (re-issue?) with pink lettering on the cover (instead of red) and no writing on spine.


    Posted on 25-Oct-11 at 19:04 | Permalink
  8. Tunes off this come up on my iPod at just the right moment sometimes. Thanx again for the rips. Still 100% agree with one of your old comments…it is SO much better having the actual record than the mp3s.


    Posted on 27-Oct-11 at 22:17 | Permalink
  9. outofstep

    I don’t know how to email you so I’ll thank you in a public forum. As a guy born in 88 I was never able to be a part of this scene but I thank you for all the amazing music, popular or rare, I’ve heard as a result.


    Posted on 04-Nov-11 at 09:52 | Permalink
  10. Hi, any chance to repost the Carillo EP? Didn’t have the chance to listen to it back in the day and since then my life is a nonsense.


    Admin Reply:

    How could I say no to a request of such urgency? 🙂


    Posted on 05-Nov-11 at 12:48 | Permalink
  11. Endless thanks! I’ll be waiting for it – anxiously.


    Posted on 05-Nov-11 at 13:40 | Permalink
  12. Jerry Heft

    This is a message for Rudy Fontaine from Jerry Heft. Let me know if you are following this thread.


    Posted on 15-Dec-15 at 22:17 | Permalink

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