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BREAKOUTS- No more 12″EP (Accelerator Records, USA, 1983)

This is the first in a series of reposts. Over the next couple of weeks, I will loosely intersperse highlights from the past years. With 666 posts, Goodbadmusic has become a bit confusing and especially older posts never got the attention the bands deserve. Remember to legally purchase whatever you have downloaded and like. See it as support or as an act of appreciation.

The BREAKOUTS’ third and final release is still extremely underappreciated. A shame. Power, urgency, intelligence, originality and a great overall sense of seriousness and depth makes this one of 1983 essentials.

Why this has never been re-released, I don’t know. One of the best Hardcore Punk records ever released. Period. Find the BREAKOUTS first 7″ here and the 2nd 7″ here. Ripped with love. Forget all the other shit ass quality rips on crap blogs all over. Enjoy fuckers.

Download the complete EP here. [Originally posted on September 2008]