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ANGEL WITCH- Loser 7″EP (Bronze Records, UK, 1981)

The band against which the whole music business had conspired: ANGEL WITCH never got the recognition they deserved.
Maybe it was Bronze Records’ poor distribution, as the s/t LP was a collector’s item in the early 80s already, at least outside of the UK. Yet the album is perfect in every aspect and delivers nothing but earworms, has an impressive inner choreography, good production and features a coherent artwork through and through. Still, after the LP, the band disappeared into nothingness quickly, thus gaining a legendary status early on. When the 2nd LP «Screamin ‘n’ bleeding» came out in 1985, ANGEL WITCH were fighting a lost cause. Speed-, Black- and Thrash Metal and the Crossover explosion had annihilated the NWOBHM and things were still very far away from the retro waves of the 90s and 2000s that brought these bands back into the conscience of Metal fans.

The three tracker «Loser» was the final call of the original Angel Witch. Again, it was pretty hard to come by outside the UK, which is a shame, as it is the perfect NWOBHM 7″. Everything that signalized the genre can be found here and the song “Suffer” is Angel Witch at their very, very best. The two poles of catchy songwriting, with storming power and memorable singalong parts (Kevin’s vocals are just perfect!) and on the other side the gloomy overtones and the occult image: This creates a field of tension that remains interesting, even fascinating. I totally understand how people who were not even born when this was hot, make such a fuss around it. The Metal music of today just has nothing to offer that comes even close in sensation, vitality and originality. But trying so eagerly recreate these bands and times will never bring the era back

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