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MORBID ANGEL- Bleed for the Devil One-Track Demo 1986

I was on a total MORBID ANGEL roll today. In order to make the readers, downloaders and Death Metal enthusiasts happy (and to stimulate your impulse to donate – use the paypal button on the left!), here’s a little treat you’ve never heard before. A one track instrumental demo of a song that was tentatively entitled “Bleed for the Devil” and recorded in November 1986.
I asked Trey how we would feel about a possible release on a label I wanted to start. He was very enthusiastic and had his band record this little thing especially for me. You can guess how flattered I was. At the time, MORBID ANGEL was still totally obscure and Death Metal in its most exciting phase.

Rude, brutal, highly energetic – no triggers, no bullshit. The way it should be.

Bleed for the Devil.mp3

PS: Here’s the first MORBID ANGEL 7″.