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You may have seen the donation-button on top of the left side column: Please make use of it, if you want to keep Goodbadmusic going on for another year.

For those new to the site: This blog runs exclusively on your donations. Although I could make a quick buck with google-ads etc., I decided to keep this blog ad-free and completely non-profit.
Your donations are inevitable in order to finance the technical maintenance which includes the mp3 storage (of course). I do the work, supply my music collection and invest in the hardware necessary and you supply the dough once a year! Sounds fair, doesn’t it?
The annual costs have risen to 285.10$. That includes unlimited bandwidth, web space and also a much faster and more stable connection (installed two days ago; hope you noticed the fast speed!). Once the sum has been collected, the button disappears.

If you want to donate but have neither credit card nor a paypal account, please get in touch.

Your support is much appreciated!