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Podcast 4: My Hardcore

I was in the mood for a podcast today. At first, I was flirting with the idea of making a thematic one, then a programmatic one before realizing that this would mean too much work (and I’m tired) and the result would be questionable anyway. With the possibilities of the internet, the vast knowledge and oversight over any musical genre given, all these attempts of proclaiming some sort of a canon seem rather goofy.
So I took two hours of my time to sit down and just allow myself to pick whatever felt right at the moment. I recorded it “live” and only in the end edited the whole file by cutting out the empty space. More or less how I used to make my walkman compilation tapes back in the 80s. But how much easier it was back then! The record collection was smaller, the “hits” were easier to identify – the (personal) canon was there! No Hardcore tape without Circle Jerks or Suicidal Tendencies, DRI or Black Flag, Raw Power or whatnot. This time, I tried my best in setting my mind back into that particular feeling that is so typical Hardcore to me: Summer time, a weird mixture of aggression and melancholy, enthusiasm and phlegmatism, power and loneliness.
Since I personally love it when I have the possibility to play a carefully compiled mixtape (or, as we’re in the now-time, a podcast) of a particular genre without a playlist, I’m not including one here. No super obscure stuff to discover for the aficionados and aficionadas, nothing all too fancy. Just good bad music. 47 minutes of my Hardcore. [.zip file, 107 MB]

And here’s the tracklist:

Poison Idea
– God not god
Articles of Faith
– Acceptance
The Freeze
– Sickly sweet
The Lewd
– Phobia
– Destroy all music
– No limbs
– Come un cappio
Total Chaos
– Revolution part 10
Urban Waste
– No hope
Septic Death– Dream silent
Extreme Noise Terror– No threat
Inferno– Wir sind schon tot II
Kalashnikov– Schlueter’s cabinet
Minor Threat– Guilty of being white
The Queers– At the mall
Kraut– Last chance
Necros– Search for fame
Raw Power– Joe’s the best
Negative Approach– Live your life
Ten Minute Warning (alias The Fartz)- Buried alive
Negative FX– Protestor
Nihilistics– Death and taxes
Big Boys– Big picture
GISM– Fire
Die Kreuzen– Pain & Sick people