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ISM- I think I love you 7″ (Shelf Job Records, USA, 1983)

ism_front.jpgism_back.jpgRepost from August 29 2007. Fresh rips. Added vinyl scans.
I was asked to take down the mp3 files a couple years ago, which I did. No re-release of any of ISM’s material has ever surfaced in the meantime, so I think it’s a total necessity to repost this. At least until a proper re-release is available. If Bob Sallese doesn’t mind, I will also re-up the incredibly “Diet for Worms” LP.

NY’s ISM destroying the Partridge Family’s 1970s hit. And it doesn’t get any better than this! Totally over the top! This is best bad music.
Although this 7″ was fairly succesful, getting lots of airplay, it was banned from many record distributers and shops throughout the USA and rumor has it, many copies never made it through to good ol’Europe neither. The reason is, you guessed it, the great sarcastic picture sleeve.
Check the blog for more on ISM (“A Diet for the Worms” LP). And now sit back and relax and start downloading …

I think I love you.mp3