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ISM- I think I love you 7″ (Shelf Job Records, USA, 1983)

ism_front.jpgism_back.jpgRepost from August 29 2007. Fresh rips. Added vinyl scans.
I was asked to take down the mp3 files a couple years ago, which I did. No re-release of any of ISM’s material has ever surfaced in the meantime, so I think it’s a total necessity to repost this. At least until a proper re-release is available. If Bob Sallese doesn’t mind, I will also re-up the incredibly “Diet for Worms” LP.

NY’s ISM destroying the Partridge Family’s 1970s hit. And it doesn’t get any better than this! Totally over the top! This is best bad music.
Although this 7″ was fairly succesful, getting lots of airplay, it was banned from many record distributers and shops throughout the USA and rumor has it, many copies never made it through to good ol’Europe neither. The reason is, you guessed it, the great sarcastic picture sleeve.
Check the blog for more on ISM (“A Diet for the Worms” LP). And now sit back and relax and start downloading …

I think I love you.mp3


  1. Eddie

    This is a classic EP and if there were a KBD hall of fame, it would be in it. I’ve never heard their Queen Jap EP so if you have it, could you please post it?


    Posted on 29-Aug-07 at 02:52 | Permalink
  2. hdvns

    I bought this single for the cover alone cuz I’d never heard of ’em. I traded it away years later, so thanks for the memories!


    Posted on 29-Aug-07 at 14:50 | Permalink
  3. mrpoopy

    I used to have a “Best Of..” CD by these guys which featured mostly material off the “Constantinople” LP. Didn’t exactly float my boat and I traded it after scoring this 7″. Did this band ever put out more punk rockin’ stuff like this?


    Runtt Reply:

    A Diet For The Worms LP is classic Ism at their best. A few songs from that LP was on the CD Best of.


    Posted on 29-Aug-07 at 15:30 | Permalink
  4. Great record that promised what would soon to come: Diet For The Worms LP. I wouldn’t recommend other stuff then this 7″ and their Diet… LP.


    Posted on 30-Aug-07 at 00:30 | Permalink
  5. roman

    i don`t know why, but i was expecting some weirdo experimental stuff (maybe because of the cover art?) … well, i was wrong. i`m really surprised in a positive sense! i like the vocals.


    Posted on 08-Sep-07 at 07:56 | Permalink
  6. Volpe

    Hi, can you please send me the mp3 rip of this? I won’t say anything to quell’italiano beota d’un Gallese… thanx!


    Admin Reply:

    If you give me your account number, I can also transfer some money. Need some books too, cloth, a new car maybe?


    Volpe Reply:

    Ok I’ve asked too much! Thanx for the fast answer anyway


    Posted on 03-Mar-11 at 14:16 | Permalink
  7. Simen Mormone

    Fantastic! Thanks! Hopefully you’ll get permission to upload the LP as well, i wanna hear more.


    Posted on 17-Jul-11 at 21:01 | Permalink
  8. doc

    awesome!!! can only support the above comment.


    Posted on 17-Jul-11 at 21:15 | Permalink
  9. DLO

    Great 7″. My fave ISM is the LP and the Big Apple Vol. 1 tracks. The Constantinople 12″ and Nightmare at Noon 12″ are crap. Queen Jap 7″ is OK. A friend at a radio station said there is an offical ISM CD but it is missing a lot of the better stuff.


    Posted on 18-Jul-11 at 16:38 | Permalink
  10. howardx

    i liked how the vocals got all rollins spoken wordsy for a sec before reverting to crazy white guy. thanks admin!


    Posted on 18-Jul-11 at 18:49 | Permalink
  11. Nikolas

    Hahahahahahah the Volpe no.6 comment rules and the answer from the great Admin kicks ass as well…….haha…
    This is original, tough and fast rocking music!!! Yeah, makes my face smiling…. Thanks for the rips man…


    Posted on 19-Jul-11 at 19:08 | Permalink
  12. Volpe

    admint, I think I love you. Now let’s go for the lp, in culo al sallesaccio magnafusilli!
    For nikolas, I’ve just found out this today:
    “Boeotia came to be proverbial for the stupidity of its inhabitants (OED), probably because of Athens’ proud assertion of its cultural superiority compared to its rural neighbours.”
    what the fuck.


    Nikolas Reply:

    Hahahahahah thanks Volpe. i didn’t know that!!!!
    That’s funny…. like your recent comment!!!!

    Aristophanes once said : The author-director of comedies has the hardest job of all.”(????????????????? ????? ??????????? ????? ???????)


    Posted on 24-Jul-11 at 18:45 | Permalink
  13. Shalonne

    Hello! I still have ISM EP Nightmare at Noon from early 90s and play it from time to time. Cracks me up every time I play it absolutely love their tunes great jamming melodies amd Jism is the man!


    Posted on 07-Jun-16 at 00:09 | Permalink

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