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SIEGE- Goddess of Fire, b/w Don’t punish me 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1985)

Here we go again! Apparently, all the technical problems have been solved, although it is still unclear what caused all the trouble. Anyway, very special thanks go out to the tech support of Dreamhost, Tony Slug and Peter KBD Records! And when in the future I’m talking about ending the blog soon, don’t believe a word (like in that Thin Lizzy song). These days have been a major blow and I guess I’ve learned something from that ….

I guess I was not the only one who ordered this 7″ from Shades in London in 1985, believing it was the “other” SIEGE, when in fact, it was the other “SIEGE” (quite an elaborated use of quotations mark here). This sounded terribly dated in 1985 and now, in the course of inventing the NWOBHM, it appears as another fine echo of the genre, that in fact had already collapsed by the time this was released.
On the a-side, Sharon Thompson and the guys (one of the very few female fronted NWOBHM bands) offer a solid rocker, enhanced by simple but effective keyboards from another woman by the name of Rachel Thompson. In fact, if you want to put it this way, with a song title like “Goddess of Fire” (it would have been a “God of Fire” in every other NWOBHM band, believe me), this could be seen as a something like a slightly feminist – at least female – approach to the vanishing, but still very male genre. The towel-around-the-neck factor never gets too high thanks to the kinda “epic” sounding keyboard bits. Flip the record over and you get what makes this 7″ even more remarkable: “Don’t punish me” with its incredibly heavy riff and the almost BITCH-y singing. Total killer, if you ask me.
According to my buddy Akshay, this band also had a demo tape. Never heard that, but would be most curious to hearing it.

Goddess of Fire.mp3
Don’t punish me.mp3