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Monthly Archives: July 2011

Podcast 4: My Hardcore


I was in the mood for a podcast today. At first, I was flirting with the idea of making a thematic one, then a programmatic one before realizing that this would mean too much work (and I’m tired) and the result would be questionable anyway. With the possibilities of the internet, the vast knowledge and […]

HAERVERK- s/t 7″EP (Torpedo Plater, Norway, 1979)


What would you expect me to write about yesterday’s bombing and massacre in Norway? Of course you will make an immediate connection between these events and the norwegian Punk record posted here. But what could I say? That I’m posting this because it’s from Norway? That would be a rather bizarre explanation, wouldn’t it. What […]

ISM- I think I love you 7″ (Shelf Job Records, USA, 1983)


Repost from August 29 2007. Fresh rips. Added vinyl scans. I was asked to take down the mp3 files a couple years ago, which I did. No re-release of any of ISM’s material has ever surfaced in the meantime, so I think it’s a total necessity to repost this. At least until a proper re-release […]

TWISTED SISTER- «Under the Blade» Live at the Reading Festival 1982


I would have never thought I’d see this footage! TWISTED SISTER were at their hight in 1982, when “Under the Blade” was released. I had won it in a contest in 1982 in the german music magazine “Bravo” and couldn’t believe my ears. Dee Snyder would have been the only replacement for Bon Scott. What […]

SIEGE- Goddess of Fire, b/w Don’t punish me 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1985)


Here we go again! Apparently, all the technical problems have been solved, although it is still unclear what caused all the trouble. Anyway, very special thanks go out to the tech support of Dreamhost, Tony Slug and Peter KBD Records! And when in the future I’m talking about ending the blog soon, don’t believe a […]

Greetings from GHOST


Greetings from GHOST. Thanks to 138 from and the chief ghoul Pär Arvidsson for getting this for me and sending it in. Check it here:       PS: I had promised my soul to Pär if he would get me this. Here’s proof.