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FEAR OF GOD: Collecting all cover songs worldwide!

Dear Headbangers and Hellraisers:
Dave & I are collecting all FEAR OF GOD cover versions for Dave’s htttp:// page. Please get in touch with either of us if you are in a band or know a band that covers or used to cover  a merry FEAR OF GOD tune. On records, demos, live, during rehearsals or in the bathtub. Thanks for your help, it’s much appreciated! Spread the word please!

PS: Mexico’s ATOXXXICO covering’s “World under my Fingernail” (“El mundo bajo me una” in spanish) at 1:45. ATOXXXICO were the first band to release a FEAR OF GOD cover song on vinyl. I think that was in 1991 or 1992.

PS II: And another one that just came in – EXTREME SMOKE 57 doing the same song at 0:55. Very nice! Love it how HArdcore the song sounds when others play it.


  1. Goran

    I’m sure you heard Taste of Fear’s “world” on the CD. Nasum played “running thru the blood” live a couple of times.


    Posted on 10-Jun-11 at 17:16 | Permalink
  2. Jack P.

    Hey man, you can look at this link to see a ton of bands that have covered Fear of God.


    Posted on 11-Jun-11 at 04:11 | Permalink
  3. Nikolas

    Yeah the mexican version kicks ass!!!!!!


    Posted on 13-Jun-11 at 13:01 | Permalink
  4. Miguel

    Hello there, The title of the Atoxxico cover should be “El mundo bajo la uña”. Thanx for the music, man. I love this blog. Greetings from Mexico.


    Posted on 18-Jul-11 at 03:34 | Permalink

    This was a band that intentionally wanted to make just noise. And we started our first concert ever (with just one rehearsal before) with a “”cover”” of yours song that started the Fribourg show on the AS STATUES FELL maxi single.

    Sorry for that.


    Posted on 05-Aug-11 at 23:19 | Permalink
  6. tonyo violet headach

    We (Violent headache) used to play “Controlled by fear” and we “Steal” a F.O.G. in our song “Cosmetics of death”.Greetings!


    Posted on 05-Feb-12 at 13:51 | Permalink
  7. Hi guys!!!! I’m Gianluca from Rome, Italy, and i’m the guitarist of the grind band DEGENERHATE, take a look to our facebook page:
    We have recorded a cover of “RUNNING THROUGH THE BLOOD” for our upcoming full-length album titled “CHRONICLES OF THE APOCALYPSE”….you will find the song at the link below….
    Hope you will like it!!!! 🙂


    Posted on 13-Sep-12 at 12:00 | Permalink
  8. Wilhelm

    I know that the swedish band Arsedestroyer got a cover of “Running Through The Blood” that cover kills.


    Posted on 04-Nov-12 at 19:15 | Permalink

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