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C.I.A.- God, Guts, Guns 7″EP (Shmegma Records, USA, 1983)

Day 5
This time, there won’t be so much to say. That might be different, had this band included more Boyscoutness in their act, but they didn’t. Or if the LP following the EP would have been the same, but it wasn’t.
What C.I.A. deliver on “God, Guts, Guns” is of such sheer brilliance that it’s leaving me with my mouth wide open. Not necessarily in terms of handicraft: None of the musicians is really good. The guitarist is no Pig Champion and when he tries to solo, it shows (like on that Violent Children EP that springs to mind and maybe it’s the same on the Reflex from Pain EP too). But I love that,you know, I think those little imperfections can be the salt in the soup. Same goes for the drummer: He ain’t got the swing, but what the hell. When they roll together, the guitarist doesn’t try to wank and the drummer would not throw in too many fills, they sound surprisingly to the point, tight, fast, catchy, memorable, fizzy, nippy, zappy and all that with a clear, yet totally appropriate production.
You may say the short playing time is lamentable, but then again that’s just an other aspect of its greatness. You can hear that on the recently issued  “God, Guts, Guns & more” LP which features some extra material that didn’t make it on the 7″. The band just knew what they were doing and decided to cut off as much as they could. The result could hardly be better.

Who cares?.mp3 / Death.mp3
Commie Control.mp3
Love & War.mp3
No Thrills.mp3


So that was it. 5 American Hardcore records in 5 days. It was a bit hectic, as again I let my daily mood decide what to post next. So here are some EPs I had piled up, but in the end didn’t use (just to make clear that these five days weren’t my lame attempt in creating a canon):




A finally here are some other records that I could have picked, hadn’t I blogged them before (some Canadian bands featured)