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DEEP WOUND- s/t 7″EP (Radiobeat Records, USA, 1983)

Day 3:
When I interviewed J. Mascis for my fanzine on DINOSAUR JR.’s 1988 “Bug” tour, he got pretty upset because I only asked questions about his first band, DEEP WOUND. Maybe to shut me up, he said he would send me a full box of DEEP WOUND EPs for free so I could include them in a bunch of the fanzines, as he still had about 200 at home (under his bed, he said). Needless to say I never got that box. But I recently found the cassette with the interview and will upload it soon, along with a superb soundboard recording of the show.

What I realized when ripping this is that I still love it and know every tone, every feedback, every drum roll by heart still. But it doesn’t touch me the way it used to (unlike for instance Poison Idea’s debut from Day 2). Dinosaur Jr. on the other hand still amaze me (“You’re living all over me” and “Bug” being immortals!). I would have never believed this in the 80s, as really, I played the shit out of this EP. I can’t say what it is that cooled me down. It’s not that I don’t appreciate it anymore or anything dramatic, it just doesn’t go that very deep anymore. Maybe it’s due to the not totally serious and grim air (like on that Poison Idea EP). I probably didn’t get that slight goofiness when I was a teenager still, who knows. “Dead Babies” would be my favorite song nowadays.

It’s so crazy to think that in 1988, when I spoke to J Mascis, DEEP WOUND already seemed like ancient history. 5 meager years after the release of this EP

I saw it.mp3
In my Room.mp3
Don’t need.mp3
Lou’s Anxiety Song.mp3
Video Prick.mp3
Sick of Fun.mp3
Deep Wound.mp3
Dead Babies.mp3

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