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THE DILS- 198 Seconds of 7″ (Dangerhouse Records, USA, 1977)

The guys over at KBD Records recently had the nice idea of posting 5 records in 5 days. Whilst their concept was to post five records from 5 different countries, I decided to go with five records from the homeland of Hardcore and five records that somehow never got posted here until now (mostly because they had been featured over at KBD’s already). As I feel like moving on soon and Goodbadmusic is slowly coming to an end, this is the opportunity to share five of my all time superduper HC 7″s and also fill some of the most glorious holes.

Day 1:
The first one is the oldest in this short series and the one dating from the years prior to the somewhat narrow and restrictive Hardcore formula. THE DILS were part of the first wave of L.A. Punk bands and one of them that would definitely take things a step further with their fast and powerful sound and the political, militant image they had adopted. The long shadow of THE CLASH is still there, but you can hear and see (the minimalistic and very “modern” artwork) that the L.A. scene was emulating its own version of Punk already.
With this, all three official DILS records have been posted on Goodbadmusic (here’s the first and here the third). 200 seconds (cause that’s the length of my rips) that will make your blood boil!

Class War.mp3
Mr. Big.mp3