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ELIXIR- Treachery (Ride like the Wind), c/w Winds of Time 7″ ((Elixir Records, UK, 1985)

It’s about highest time for another Metal post. And a short one at that too.
ELIXIR were among the very last outfits of the original NWOBHM. After a demo tape which got favorable reviews in some fanzines, I ordered myself one and was pleasantly surprised. When a year later, this two tracker was announced, I ordered a bunch of these and sold them among my buddies. One thing I remember very well: The resonance was minimal, it took me quite some time to get rid of the singles and in the end, I even sold my personal copy plus the demo. There just was no need for another band that sounded like Iron Maiden anymore. Such bands sounded terribly dated in the mid 80s and nostalgia was not the issue then, at least not for me. As far as I remember, the demo tape sounded just like this 7″ and the following LP (“Son of Odin”) I’ve never heard, but it’s said that it’s ELIXIR’s best release.
Upon spinning the single now, I totally fall for its charme and noble elegance. Both songs sound incredibly light, but not light in the sense of superficial. They both breath, it is as if there’s a lot of space inbetween every note.

Time, I guess, sometimes can be very friendly to bands. Or maybe it’s just my own prolonged midlife crisis.

Treachery (Ride like the Wind).mp3
Winds of Time.mp3