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THE URINALS- Another EP 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1979)

Do you know what really pisses me off? When people call THE URINALS‘s music “minimalistic”. How is this “minimalistic”, dipshit?! There’s nothing “minimalistic” about THE URINALS, in fact, they’re as musical as any opera I ever heard or any stick-it-up-your-ass-jazz or whatever you might think of as being bad-ass “music”.

THE URINALS had it all. And they probably had much more of it than most ever did. Short songs that, not unlike the MINUTEMEN, could also be seen as commentaries. I like to think that this 2nd EP was some sort of a commentary on the exploding Hardcore Punk movement. Is “I’m white and middle class” directed at THE DILS or maybe THE CLASH and the likes? I don’t know, but it sure could be. “Ack ack ack ack” sounds like the band’s ironic answer to the increasing speed’n’anger, that’s for sure. “Black Hole” is more in the vein of the somewhat calmer first 7″ (check it out here) and “I’m a Bug” is another perfectly executed hit. Four songs only on this EP that I refer to as the “overproduced URINALS” 7″. Not over like in “not good”, just when you compare it with the first one and the third.
Again, this vinyl rip does sound better than the version on the discography CD. Just saying. And here’s the 3rd 7“, though the files are currently not working (needs a repost). And when you follow this link, you’ll be led to the incredible “Happy Squid” sampler EP. Now was that all of the URINALS I could post? I’m afraid so. Another one of the not too many bestest bands of the world. Ever.

Did you notice the handwritten labels again? Another art object. I tell you, these things will be on display in future museums. Bet your silly ass.

I’m white and midle class.mp3
I’m a Bug.mp3
Ack ack ack ack.mp3