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THE NORMALS- Almost ready, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Electric Eye Records, USA, 1978)

Damn, this short break sure took a lot longer than planned …

When recently, I was privately DJ’ying in Rome (you can hire me!), I realized that I haven’t had this absolutely fabulous single featured on the blog and I felt very, very ashamed. THE NORMALS were New Orleans’ best Punk band and I’m pretty sure you all have heard this scorcher before, but those who haven’t can call themselves lucky now. Both tracks were recorded in a Gospel studio and you sure can hear that: “Almost ready” is a perfect powerpoppish Punk track, catchy and wih a strange tension, while the flip “Hardcore” is what some folks once perfectly described with Riffpunk. Kinda gloomy, driving and with one of the best breaks you’ll ever hear. These chaps knew what a great riff they had here and how to make the best use of it. Just stop all engines and let the guitarist take over, that’s how it’s done.

Found this totally accidentally in a thrift store at some point in the 90s and just bought it because of the cover and the song title “Hardcore”, which seemed interesting for a 1978 band. Check out the band’s official webspace here and buy their stuff!

So how do you like this, Elisa, did I promise too much?

Almost ready.mp3