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Monthly Archives: April 2011



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THE URINALS- Another EP 7″EP (selfproduced, USA, 1979)


Do you know what really pisses me off? When people call THE URINALS‘s music “minimalistic”. How is this “minimalistic”, dipshit?! There’s nothing “minimalistic” about THE URINALS, in fact, they’re as musical as any opera I ever heard or any stick-it-up-your-ass-jazz or whatever you might think of as being bad-ass “music”. THE URINALS had it all. […]

PERSIAN RISK- Calling for you 7″ (SRTS, UK, 1981)


There was a time when nobody doubted that PERSIAN RISK would be the next big name in what was then simply called Heavy Metal. The first single, featured here, sounded highly energetic and the title song’s memorable chorus would stick in your head forever in the long winter of 1981/82. My local record shop carried […]

THE NORMALS- Almost ready, b/w Hardcore 7″ (Electric Eye Records, USA, 1978)


Damn, this short break sure took a lot longer than planned … When recently, I was privately DJ’ying in Rome (you can hire me!), I realized that I haven’t had this absolutely fabulous single featured on the blog and I felt very, very ashamed. THE NORMALS were New Orleans’ best Punk band and I’m pretty […]