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Monthly Archives: March 2011

CROW- Who killed Dove? 7″EP (selfproduced, Japan, 1985)


Given the fact that the earthquake that hit Japan two days ago and its resulting disasters in the disaster are of such incredible dimensions, I wanted to post a record that would more or less apply to the situation. But what could possibly apply? Some smart-aleck anti-nuclear power song? Some crust punk or grindcore hymn […]

OVERKILL- s/t 7″EP (SST, USA, 1982)


Repost from August 12th 2006. One of the rarest SST releases and the best band by the name of OVERKILL ever. Amazing! New scans and new rips added. Not much needs to be said here, so I leave it as it was. File under “Seen many times in the 2nd hand bin, never listened to”. […]