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STAINS- s/t 12″EP (SST, USA, 1983)

The third in the series of all the Hardcore Punk bands named STAINS continues (see this and this): Imagine a cross between early Black Flag and Verbal Abuse and this is pretty much what you’ll get: STAINS. Incredibly brutal and aggressive, yet catchy fuckshitupism. The singer adds a lot of extra power to the riff-barrage, like in one of my favorite songs on this slab, “Violent Children”  (I always liked to think that this is where Violent Children got their name from.) But in the end, you’ll have a hard time picking one particular song out of the 11. Much like it’s often the case with American Hardcore, this record works as one entity. The songs practically melt one into another, form one solid chunk, or better yet – one heavy brick. Somewhere around the second half of the second side, the massive sound begins to slowly collapse under its own weight. I love that.

I’m pretty sure you all know by know what the internet has to tell us about the reason why this is one of the few SST records that ran out of print long time ago, and if you don’t, then see yourself what a little research will unearth, cause frankly, I’m sick and tired and hungover and have a short fuse and playing and ripping this monstrous wall of hate certainly has not cooled me off. In fact, the guitar sound and the abrasive riffing makes me want to snort the sound all up and go berserk on it.

Download the entire self-titled 12″EP or Mini-LP or however you want to classify it here and as always, replace all your previous downloads with this superior rip (and don’t be irritated by the fact that some songs could not be separated). AAAARRRRRRGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!

PS: Anybody has an insert?