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DENIGH- Running, c/w No way 7″ (Ace Records, UK, 1980)

Just a quick shot. DENIGH were a band of which I had not heard until a few years ago, when I found a horrible rip of the 2nd demo on some blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this 7″ in a record shop yesterday and despite the high price, I had to buy it. Without hearing it first. I just knew it would be great.

And again, my sixth sense did not fail me. Total NWOBHM-galore from start to finish. Both songs are oozing that special atmosphere: Not Metal by today’s standards, but not the 70s Hard Rock anymore. Music that escaped through the small window that was open for a short time only (and only, because the bands self financed their efforts!), yet influenced so many and that shut again and forever just when it was enough. Nothing fancy, nothing you would take notice of, if not somebody would really spell it out for you.
Both songs are catchy, but when you really pay attention, they’re not. Quite edgy stuff, I would say, with the undeniable attempt of writing melodic rock music, but also with a high potential of irritation. Love both songs already after just a couple of rounds, but the flip side seems to be the smash hit – «What could I say? I said ‘no way’!».

So without adding much else, this goes out to you.

No way.mp3