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Monthly Archives: February 2011

PENTAGRAM- Livin’ in a Ram’s Head, b/w When the Screams come 7″ (High Voltage Records, USA, 1979)


PENTAGRAM sure have a one of a kind history, one that is not so unlike from that of Pagan Altar, for instance. Old bands that never got out of their regional context in their heyday and only started to get international recognition during the 90s and 00s. But other than Pagan Altar (the only altar […]

STAINS- s/t 12″EP (SST, USA, 1983)


The third in the series of all the Hardcore Punk bands named STAINS continues (see this and this): Imagine a cross between early Black Flag and Verbal Abuse and this is pretty much what you’ll get: STAINS. Incredibly brutal and aggressive, yet catchy fuckshitupism. The singer adds a lot of extra power to the riff-barrage, […]

DENIGH- Running, c/w No way 7″ (Ace Records, UK, 1980)


Just a quick shot. DENIGH were a band of which I had not heard until a few years ago, when I found a horrible rip of the 2nd demo on some blog. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this 7″ in a record shop yesterday and despite the high price, I had to […]

CRETINS / BLUT + EISEN- Split 7″ (Weird System, Germany, 1984)


“Dachau Disco” – what a title (as you know, Dachau is the name of a german village near Munich and notorious for being the location of one of the first nazi concentration camps). CRETINS wrote this song in 1979 and first released it on the legendary »HanNOver FunFunFun« compilation album, with different lyrics, that made […]