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SACRED BLADE- »The Alien« Live Footage from 1983

This is amazing! I always loved SACRED BLADE and especially the band’s highly energetic and extremely original song “The Alien” on the epochal »Metal Massacre IV« compilation album. There is something very fascinating about this track and it has always reminded me – I don’t know why – of ANGEL WITCH’s selftitled number. Maybe because of its drive and sheer compositional elegance. Maybe it’s just me, but it’s a song that has it all.
This footage is priceless. SACRED BLADE, the band’s first ever gig, opening for DOA. Look at the audience, look at the singer, guitarist – suck up all the details.

PS: If anybody has the band’s second demo from 1983, I’d love to rip and post it. Will pay cash, or trade or I could just borrow it for a week or two. Yes?