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EXECUTIONER- Metal up your Ass, b/w Syco-pathic Mind 7″ (selfproduced, USA, 1985)

Just a couple minutes ago, on my fecalbook wall, I asked for somebody to help me with the writeup for this great and very rare 7″ by EXECUTIONER, which has been calling for a decent vinyl rip for a long enough time now. My friend Justin from Mustard Relics immediately came up with the following (and Ricky from Cataract added “have mercy”, or something like that – he’s a bit hard to understand sometimes):

“Executioner was this metal band from a while back that rocked. Band members went on to be in Obituary, but somehow Executioner offers something that Obituary did not have. This is very rare and we are fortunate that this music was made, before metal died”… something like that?”

Feel  free to make use of the comments function to add more of your own writeups and stuff.

Metal up your Ass.mp3
Syco-pathic Mind.mp3