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TMA- What’s for Dinner LP [Version 1 & 2] (Jimboco Records, USA, 1984)

An album of undeniable mongo-qualities: Straight in your face, short, obnoxious yet not un-poppy tunes that make you smile. Songs with choruses like “I’m in love with Nancy Reagan” and “Suck my dick, surf nazi” are instant hits and there’s plenty of them on this somehow overlooked lp by New Jersey’s TMA. Their followup, “Beach Party 2000”, was a huge disappointment.
Instead of writing much, I’m posting both album versions. The first pressing on white vinyl with its rough, yet hollow sound and the redone version that came out shortly after – increased on all levels, including a full color cover. You often read that the color cover & black vinyl version came first, but when you take a look at the running out grooves, you can read an additional “RE”-ending of the catalogue number, indicating that it’s been remastered. The difference in sound is minimal in these mp3 files and can be heard better on vinyl. These seem to be the technical limitations of compressed soundfiles high-fidelity.

And yes, it’s totally anal to spend so much time ripping these two albums with so little effect. But what can I do.

Have a good new year y’all.

What’s for Dinner? (first version).zip

What’s for Dinner? (second version).zip