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Monthly Archives: January 2011

SACRED BLADE- »The Alien« Live Footage from 1983


This is amazing! I always loved SACRED BLADE and especially the band’s highly energetic and extremely original song “The Alien” on the epochal »Metal Massacre IV« compilation album. There is something very fascinating about this track and it has always reminded me – I don’t know why – of ANGEL WITCH’s selftitled number. Maybe because […]

EXECUTIONER- Metal up your Ass, b/w Syco-pathic Mind 7″ (selfproduced, USA, 1985)


Just a couple minutes ago, on my fecalbook wall, I asked for somebody to help me with the writeup for this great and very rare 7″ by EXECUTIONER, which has been calling for a decent vinyl rip for a long enough time now. My friend Justin from Mustard Relics immediately came up with the following […]

TMA- What’s for Dinner LP [Version 1 & 2] (Jimboco Records, USA, 1984)


An album of undeniable mongo-qualities: Straight in your face, short, obnoxious yet not un-poppy tunes that make you smile. Songs with choruses like “I’m in love with Nancy Reagan” and “Suck my dick, surf nazi” are instant hits and there’s plenty of them on this somehow overlooked lp by New Jersey’s TMA. Their followup, “Beach […]