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CITIZEN’S ARREST- A Light in the Darkness 7″EP (Wardance Records, USA, 1990)

INFEST had hit the Hardcore planet like a huge fucking meteor and CITIZEN’S ARREST rode on top of the first tidal wave that rolled across the vast land. When INFEST were clearly rooted in the early 1980s Hardcore movement, including all the nihilism and crude aggression, CITIZEN’S ARREST were a child of the 90s. The music got more complex and the band had a strong political, ethical agenda.

The power of this EP is still overwhelming. As soon as the intro’s over, the band bursts out like there’s no tomorrow and keeps up the high tension until the needle runs out on the flipside. Incredible! Everything works together perfectly here: Daryl’s monstrous voice (I simply call him “The Voice” as to me, he stands up there with Brannon, Choke or Kam Lee), the guitar onslaught by Janis, the heavy bass of Joe and Patrick’s thunderous drums. Did I say overwhelming? If not, I do say it now: It’s of an overwhelming, relentless power what the guys deliver on “A Light in the Darkness”. No wonder they were of such influence to many. A mystery still why it ended all so abruptly (at least that’s how it seemed to me).

Thomas Mölch from the reactivated OFF THE DISK label is going to repress this EP in celebration of CITIZEN’S ARREST reunion and both Thomas and I will attend the band’s debut reunion show at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory on December 17 2010.

Pictured is the testpressing of Freddy Alva’s first «Wardance Records» pressing.

Serve and protect.mp3
In the Distance.mp3
A Light in the Darkness.mp3
Without Peace.mp3