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Monthly Archives: November 2010

ARTICLES OF FAITH- What we want is free 7″EP (Version Sound, USA, 1982)


There were times in my life, when I had an almost erotic relationship with ARTICLES OF FAITH. To me, this band represented everything that Hardcore should be (or could be), when I first heard the colossal “Wait” EP and the epochal “Give Thanks” LP.  Sometimes, I make it seem too easy, methinks, when pointing out […]

CITIZEN’S ARREST- A Light in the Darkness 7″EP (Wardance Records, USA, 1990)


INFEST had hit the Hardcore planet like a huge fucking meteor and CITIZEN’S ARREST rode on top of the first tidal wave that rolled across the vast land. When INFEST were clearly rooted in the early 1980s Hardcore movement, including all the nihilism and crude aggression, CITIZEN’S ARREST were a child of the 90s. The […]

He cometh. He prayeth. We followed.


TRUFFLE- Round Tower, c/w If you really want 7″ (Chestnut Records, UK, 1981)


Only a NWOBHM band would pick such a name – TRUFFLE. And a truffle this 7″ is indeed. I’d go as far as saying that this 7″ is among the very best of the genre, although the outfit remains to be totally unpopular. Let’s hope we change this. “If you really want” is a great […]