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Podcast: SPIN RADIO UNDERGROUND: FEAR Live & Cover Versions Special (Spin / Enigma, USA, 1985)

In the mid 80s, SPIN MAGAZINE produced a series of radio promo double lps, every one of them featuring one main artist with a live concert, plus a full radio broadcast. To my knowledge, there are at least four of these double albums around, one with CIRCLE JERKS, one with MINUTEMEN, one with JESUS & MARY CHAIN and this one with FEAR.

The two lps are split into two segments that are spread over the four sides: One is a fantastic mix of various underground bands maiming and mutilating rock classics: TUPELO CHAIN SEX, NIP DRIVERS, COCKS IN STAINED SATIN, ELEKTRCNI ORGAZM, SHOCKABILLY, DEJA VOODOO, DIE HORNISSEN and others give BURAN DURAN, GRATEFUL DEAD, OTIS REDING, VELVET UNDERGROUND, ELVIS or THE ROLLING STONES special treatment. I can not recommend this part of the show strongly enough.
The other segment of this edition of Spin Radio consists of a live performance by the notorious FEAR. Great power and good quality. I only wish it were a a bit longer.

In order to keep the broadcast-feel I decided to make this a podcast: Download and spread! I made a slight change: I split up the two segments, so you can download the covers part and the FEAR live part separately. Unfortunately, there’s a pressing defect during DIE HORNISSEN’s great “Louie Louie”. I made it sound less annoying than on the vinyl, but the jump’s still there.
Make fun of the dj’s timid voice and general coolness, the commercials and the inaccuracies in the comments section.
For a detailed playlist, check the cue sheets. Download the entire promo record from the five links below (each file’s shadow weighs a ton!) and download while you can. This is another one of the immensely popular limited time only – offers!

COVER VERSIONS part 1.mp3 (21′:56″)
COVER VERSIONS part 2.mp3 (22′:30″)
COVER VERSIONS part 3.mp3 (14′:53″)
FEAR Live part 1.mp3 (6′:20″)
FEAR Live part 2.mp3 (19′:59″)

This post has been made possible by grants of Duff Beer.