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TYSONDOG- Eat the Rich 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1983)

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After a very favorable (and pleasant) bit on this blog in the German «Jungle World» paper, «Good bad Music» with its admin got coverage in the second biggest swiss newspaper. For those of you interested, you may join the facebook group (see the left column): You’ll find the links there as well as some more things, like a free badge that is available soon for postage money only. It was designed by the British artist Helen Grundy (thanks much, Hell!). And if you want, you can from now on continue (off-topic) discussions concerning music, the “on heavy rotation” picks and whatnot on the facebook page too.

TYSONDOG had released a great demo tape in 1982, followed by this two-tracker. The agitated A-side has quite a SATAN feeling to it, with a great singer and a bit of a towel-around-the-neck gusto, with a fair amount of energy. Flip the record over and you get one live in the studio number, “Dead Meat”. And here’s the reason why you should take note of this single: A speedy, aggressive and catchy song that will probably remind you of JAGUAR.

Whilst I fancy this 7″, the following 12″ and LP (after which TYSONDOG released another album and a horrible final 7″ with Cooper’s “School’s out” covered on it) didn’t do much for me and that was when I decided not to follow the band’s output any longer. I would lump TYSONDOG in the group of UK-bands that were called “punky” back then, like ATOMKRAFT (with whom they shared a member), WARFARE or TANK and strange as it may seem, I’ve never been absolutely crazy about either of them. Don’t ask me why.

Eat the Rich.mp3
Dead Meat.mp3