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CORONER- Death Cult Demo Tape (Rip Records, Switzerland, 1985)

Switzerland’s contribution to the world of Rock’n’Roll could hardly be meeker than it is. One of the few exceptions however is CORONER, a band from Zürich and one that I unfortunately overlooked back in the days. “Death Cult” was released when Thrash Metal was the big thing, with groups like Anthrax, Overkill, Nuclear Assault or – and especially – Exodus cut a dash. Right from the start, CORONER let not raise the slightest doubt that the band had high goals.
Unable to find a singer, but with one former member (Oliver) who later joined Celtic Frost and two current ones who were part of the Celtic Frost road crew, it was only logical that Tom Warrior sang on CORONER’s first demo. His voice adds much to the quality of the tape and had he by 1985 not begun to make excessive use of his trademark “ughs” and (especially) the “heys”, it would have been a rather perfect vocal job, really. But anyway, his crystal clear and to the point singing is the kind of counterweight that makes the otherwise playful, frisky music memorable. Guitarist Tommy Vetterli was and probably is one of a kind in this genre and when I recently, upon the recommendation of Martin Ain Stricker, began to discover CORONER’s later material, I was massively intrigued by what the man is capable of doing with his instrument – without ever losing himself in the vast kindgdom of wankdom. On “Death Cult” he’s already demonstrating the shape of what was to come from him in his later career.
If you’re into technical yet thrashy and expanded Metal (both in stylistic variations as in song length) that still has a NWOBHM-esque edge now and then, this is for you.
CORONER are currently working on a reunion and quite some people here are very much looking forward to that coming to happen.
Extra thanks to Martin for lending me his tape, as I’ve sold mine long time ago. If I remember correctly, prior to this tape, some sort of promo booklet was issued or maybe came with this cassette; I’m sure somebody will fill us in.
Delete the mp3 files of “Death Cult” you have on your computer; here comes the best sounding rip you’ve heard so far. One minor change I have made: I cut out the space between the last song and the radio outro.

Spectators of Sin.mp3
Spiral Dream.mp3
Aerial Combat.mp3
The Invincible.mp3