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FINAL BLAST / RAPT- Split 7″EP (Chaos Produzioni, Italy, 1986)

Two bands from France on the same italian label that also brought you WRETCHED. FINAL BLAST contribute two songs. I wish I could say that I don’t like them, but I must admit that there’s a certain melancholy in these two bass driven numbers that I still find quite appealing. I remember that I used to have a demo tape by these guys as well which I think consisted of more songs from the same recording session here.
On the flip, RAPT burst off with simple, amateurish and somehow really touching Noisecore à la LÄRM. I used to play these songs up and down, down and up in the cold winter of 1985/86, before the sensation of these raw, yet democratic sounds (“here’s one chord – now form a mongo-band!”) somehow got boring and simply swept away. Two LÄRMs were enough (the third, RUIDO DE RABIA from Spain came a bit later and were a bit too dull). So I was really surprised when recently I played the RAPT side again after probably 20 years and still could remember every song.

Olivier of RAPT soon moved to New Jersey and formed PSYCHO SIN. He was a great guy to trade tapes and records with.

Final Blast: Final Blast.mp3
Final Blast: Quelque chose à dire.mp3
Rapt: Gueree chimique.mp3
Rapt: Non Le Pen.mp3
Rapt: Thrash War.mp3
Rapt: Afrique du Sud.mp3
Rapt: La Punition nécessaire.mp3