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THE MISFITS- Beware 12″EP (Plan 9 & Armageddon Records, UK, 1979)

Remember when in the 80s, MISFITS records were the key currency in trading? “Oh, you’ve got that Negative Approach 7″ for trade, what do you want for it?” – “It’s becoming really rare, let’s say it’s almost “3 Hits from Hell” or half “Beware””

Personally, I didn’t like the pre-“Earth A.D.” MISFITS too much at first. The horror image, the rock’n’rollish music and the very melodic singing of Danzig were not Hardcore enough. “Earth A.D.” was. So when I found the “Beware” 12″ in my local record shop’s 2nd hand box, it went straight onto my trade-list. The same happened again when I found another copy.
Years later, when I had my first computer with internet connection, I stumbled upon this guy who advertised one original “Beware” copy and wanted to trade it for swiss punk singles. I’m not sure which one exactly it was, but I sent him what he wanted and a couple of weeks later I received the package with the original “Beware” 12″. This time, I knew, I would stick to it. In the meantime, I had aquired most of the MISFITS 7″s, but this 12″ is something special with its topnotch graphics and – with nothing but hits. As you know, the a-side features all the tracks from the “Bullet” 7″EP (albeit in different order) and the b-side has two of the three tracks from the “Horror Business” 7″EP, plus the incredible and previously unreleased “Last Caress” (later mutilated by Metallica).

Danzig’s vocals are simply amazing on these seven songs. He was the undisputed Elvis of Punk, with so much charisma and power in his voice. The rest of the band shrinks to mere sideplayers backing him up, methinks.

Roughly 3’000 were pressed of this 12″, originally meant to promote a UK-tour that never happened. Endless bootleg variations available. Officially re-released on some MIFISTS CD anthology, but you can’t, you simply cannot listen to these songs on CD. It sounds so false.

We are 138.mp3
Hollywood Babylon.mp3
Horror Business.mp3
Teenagers from Mars.mp3
Last Caress.mp3

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