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CRUCIFIXION- Take it or leave it 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1982)

Forgive me for posting the 2nd CRUCIFIXION so soon, but I just couldn’t hold myself back.

A considerable step in the right direction, as I’ve already mentioned in the presentation of the first 7″: Harder, faster and catchier. The towel-around-the-neck-sim is gone here and on the faster a-side, there’s plenty of good old SAXON (“Strong Arm of the Law”-era) to be heard, including a competent and tight rhythm guitar section. The vocals are a bit Biff-y too, but technically pretty weak – which of course, this is goodbadusic here, is what we especially like. It’s that nowadays totally vanished humane factor that makes this kind of music as great as the 50s rock’n’roll singles.
Especially the b-side, “On the Run”, is the smash hit and I couldn’t get it off the old Rex turntable after buying this single from my pocket money. It was on display in the village’s only record shop’s window for a short time because the owner normally only ordered 2 or 3 of these Neat singles, so I couldn’t wait until school was over on that one day, rushing to the store (“Disco Shop”!) and getting this slab with the great skeleton cover.
When I met the HELLHAMMER guys the year after, I quickly realized that Tom (being the enormous NWOBHM lover he was) recycled all these band names and song titles for his own group. This made a lot of impression on me and gave HELHAMMER a great aura of seriousness.

Take it or leave it.mp3
On the Run.mp3