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CRUCIFIXION- The Fox, b/w Death Sentence 7″ (Miramar Records, UK, 1980)

CRUCIFIXION from Essex formed in 1979 in Essex and until the band’s goodbye in 1984, only managed to release two 7″ers, a 12″EP and a compilation appearance (on “60 Minutes Plus” Neat Cassette; not counting the postmortal ones). In a way, the jinx-fated recording career of CRUCIFIXION is prototypical for many of their fellows.
After the red hot debut 7″ (which was impossible to find outside of Great Britain, if not outside of Essex; I bought mine on Ebay after the hefty prices of the NWOBHM-trend of the 90s and early 2000s had come down), the band somehow didn’t seem to be able to keep or gain the momentum. Believe it or not, youngsters, this music was considered “aggressive” 30 years ago and thus would have had the potential to generate attention for CRUCIFIXION. Unfortunately, it took them two years to come up with a second 7″ and although that follow-up saw a major improvement in terms of production values, speed and power, had proper international distribution and was among my personal faves of the glorious Neat label acts – the band somehow just fell off the earth.

Enough for the moment. More CRUCIFIXION will follow soon. Pictured above, you see the two stickers that came with the sleeveless 7″.

The Fox.mp3
Death Sentence.mp3