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MELVINS- s/t 7″EP (C/Z Records, USA, 1986)

The MELVINS came upon me like a roller. When Alchemy Records sent me their debut album «Gluey Porch Treatments» to review in 1987, I thought, what the hell – the Melvins, what kind of a band name is that? And the cover – what is this?! Only minutes later, I couldn’t believe my ears. Finally somebody had found their own way between two of the most predominant forms of “heavy” music which were represented by Black Sabbath and late Black Flag.
But the MELVINS were not to be compared with any other band. Their incredible musical genius was (and maybe is) of its very own. In fact, the band had so much talent that they could afford to write short songs. Every other band would have tried to squeeze out whatever possible of only one of the MELVINS crunching riffs. Not so the masters: They just kept tossing these riffs out like they had bags full of them somewhere.

Thanks to the promo material that came with the album, I realized that they had released a 7″EP prior to this and were featured on a compilation («Deep Six»), both released by C/Z-records. I ordered the two immediately. The debut EP is a bit rawer than the LP and unfortunately, the sound is not as it should be. Normally, I don’t complain about production shortcomings, I think you should just accept the recordings as they are. But as far as this EP goes, I certainly hope that they have been remixed or remastered on the later reissues (have they?). Still, the six tracks are astounding and instant hits at the same time. Almost flawless.

Easy as it was.mp3
Now a Limo.mp3
Grinding Process.mp3
At a Crawl.mp3
Snake Appeal.mp3