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Monthly Archives: August 2010

THE MISFITS- Beware 12″EP (Plan 9 & Armageddon Records, UK, 1979)


Remember when in the 80s, MISFITS records were the key currency in trading? “Oh, you’ve got that Negative Approach 7″ for trade, what do you want for it?” – “It’s becoming really rare, let’s say it’s almost “3 Hits from Hell” or half “Beware”” Personally, I didn’t like the pre-“Earth A.D.” MISFITS too much at […]

CRUCIFIXION- Take it or leave it 7″ (Neat Records, UK, 1982)


Forgive me for posting the 2nd CRUCIFIXION so soon, but I just couldn’t hold myself back. A considerable step in the right direction, as I’ve already mentioned in the presentation of the first 7″: Harder, faster and catchier. The towel-around-the-neck-sim is gone here and on the faster a-side, there’s plenty of good old SAXON (“Strong […]

CRUCIFIXION- The Fox, b/w Death Sentence 7″ (Miramar Records, UK, 1980)


CRUCIFIXION from Essex formed in 1979 in Essex and until the band’s goodbye in 1984, only managed to release two 7″ers, a 12″EP and a compilation appearance (on “60 Minutes Plus” Neat Cassette; not counting the postmortal ones). In a way, the jinx-fated recording career of CRUCIFIXION is prototypical for many of their fellows. After […]

Announcement: OFF THE DISK- Limited Edition 7″ Boxset coming!


Thomas Mölch has announced the release of a limited edition Boxset containing 6 of the classic OFF THE DISK 7″ records and a special limited edition including a reprint of the INFEST “Slave” 12″EP poster and an INFEST T-Shirt. Distributors / mailorders in the U.S. interested in the regular boxset please get in touch with […]

WEHRMACHT- Thrash Metal Tape (SM Tapes, Switzerland, 1986)


Prior to the «Beermacht» demo, Portland’s WEHRMACHT released this cassette through the swiss SM-cassette label of Röbi Zollinger (founder of the legendary «Speed Airplay» radio show). To my knowledge, this was the first ever official WEHRMACHT release. Quite funny actually, when you look back, how dedicated the handful of swiss scene activists were in pushing […]

MELVINS- s/t 7″EP (C/Z Records, USA, 1986)


The MELVINS came upon me like a roller. When Alchemy Records sent me their debut album «Gluey Porch Treatments» to review in 1987, I thought, what the hell – the Melvins, what kind of a band name is that? And the cover – what is this?! Only minutes later, I couldn’t believe my ears. Finally […]