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E.N.T. & K.L.F.- 3 a.m. eternal 7″ (selfproduced, UK, 1992)

When in 1991, the british acid house act KLF decided it was time to retreat from the nasty music business (with the millions they had made), they decided to leave it with a bang. The group was announced to play the Brit Awards ceremony (a tasteless annual meeting of the music industry) and had in mind, at least that’s what Wikipedia has, to slaughter a sheep live on stage as some form of protest against well, anything, you name it.
The good men from EXTREME NOISE TERROR got wind of it and by suggesting the KLF to join forces with them live on stage, the crusties saved the poor animals life. The performance of the two ended in widespread consternation when they fired blanks from a machine gun into the audience. Not a terribly original idea. I’d say slaughtering the beast on stage would have made the better artistic impact, but that’s just me. I’m not saying this because I don’t like the song (it’s okay), I’m speaking as an artist.
The KLF announced its immediate retreat from the music industry on stage still, whereas EXTREME NOISE TERROR unfortunately didn’t.

This 7″ was released independently by the KLF in a limited edition. It was available through mailorder only. The group deleted its entire back catalogue and that was it, ladies and gentlemen.
Several versions of “3a.m.” exist and of course, this is the best one of them. This single has the same on both sides. I have two versions of it, one with this cover and one without (in a die-cut sleeve).
By actually ripping both identical sides of this 7″, I’m making a declaration about the state of the art.

3 a.m. eternal.mp3
3 a.m. eternal.mp3 (b-side version)