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NYX NEGATIV- Punk Cassette (selfproduced, Sweden, 1983)

I know that KBD-Peter will hate this and he probably won’t have anything nice to say about the band. He may be right with whatever he has to say about the Swedish Hardcore Punk scene of the 80s (definitely the scene with funniest hairdos!), but still this tape is lovely. Such great power and still a bit of melodies and hooks thrown in. Think of Anti-Cimex meets Asocial.
The band also had a 7″ (“Morals”) which everybody was after. Including me. I finally found me a copy some 20 years ago – and was shocked to death. It was horrible. Atrocious. And that’s the only negative thing I have to say about NYX NEGATIV.
About this tape: If I remember correctly, this was released in Germany, probably by Matthias Weigand (TNT Tapes & Records). I think it compiles the bands two 1982 & 1983 demos. But maybe this is all wrong and you know better.

Download the entire tape here (.zip file).